Who We Are

Serkan Özdemir
Mustafa Kızıltaş

What is it like to walk the same road? You should also experience the difference of running on the same road.Serkan Özdemir, whose name is integrated with Rally Endro races, and Mustafa Kızıltaş, whose name is integrated with Ultras. Of course, they have something in common: lives devoted to sports.

Serkan Özdemir, who became the champion of Rally Enduro Turkey 7 times in a row, carried our flag to the finish in the Dakar Rally, which is accepted as the hardest race in the world, saw the podium, and became the European Rally champion in the European Adventure category in 2022, started running Ultra Marathon in 2014 after he met Mustafa Kızıltaş. As in all the motorcycle races he participated in, he took the podium in running races he attended.

Thinking that ultramarathon is a sport in which everyone who finishes is a champion, Mustafa Kızıltaş, met this sport, which fits his perspective on life so well, by running the Lycian Way Ultra Marathon, the first ultra marathon held in Turkey. He is known for pushing his own limits by running the longest stages in all his ultra races and never giving up. He is an athlete who takes the podium in the general classification or category in almost every race he runs. He ran abroad in Gobi March and finished with the 8th place in the general classification and the 1st place in the age group.

They established KoştuRUN to bring together all the running lovers with the Babadağ ultramarathon, which they organize in their hometown with the experience they gained in their lives devoted to sports, as well as the steps they took on the tracks together.

While running the Babadağ Ultra Marathon, which includes the Lycian road in Ölüdeniz, Kayaköy and the 1950-meter-high Babadağ tracks with the world’s best-known paragliding tracks, you will be amazed by this unique geography and  look forward to the next event.