• The course comprises check points. Each competitor is obliged to reach passing through the check points. If the competitor fails to pass through any check point will be disqualified.
  • Competitors must be minimum 18 years old. Runners under 18 Age can run by 14K KAYAKOY HISTORY RUN AND 5K LAGUN RUN only when their parents give a sign for consent document in the registration area
  • Each check point will be closed after a period which will be announced beforehand. Competitors who fail to reach the check point within this period will be disqualified. The timing of these periods is flexible due to race conditions and may be changed by the race director. 
  • At the control station as announced can runners receive supplement,snacks and water
  • Participants will receive water and food (snacks) support at the checkpoints
  • All competitors are obliged to take and consume water. In case a competitor gets transfusion due to dehydration he/she gets time penalty of 2 hours for the first transfusion and 4 hours for the second. In case of a third transfusion, competitor is disqualified.
  • 60K BABADAG ULTRA runners, there will be 1 CP dedicated for DROP BAG area. Runners may use the bags that they will deliver beforehand in this CP.
  • Differing across categories, competitors are obliged to carry the respective mandatory equipment of their categories in their backpacks. Competitors who fail to present mandatory equipment during the race are subject to disqualification. Organization staff and the referees hold the right to equipment and backpack check anytime during the race. 
  • Using any means of transportation (motor vehicle, bicycle, horse, donkey, mule carriage etc.) regardless of duration and distance results in disqualification.
  • Competitors dropping litter anywhere out of main event area and specific points at check points are penalized with 2 hours time penalty for the first time and if repeated with disqualification
  • Continuously disturbing other competitors may lead to disqualification. The race director holds the right to decide in such situation.
  • There is a contingent for each category. If the contigent is filled for a category, priority belongs to registered (who completed the payment) participant. 
  • The race requires high level physical and mental endurance. Thus the competitors must be well prepared. Each registrant signs a consent letter before the race
  • Before,after and at the race time are every taked photos and videos in the copyright belong the organisation.Who registered the name in list must accept this.
  • Scores for each competitor is assigned by adding the the time penalties (if there are) to total time in all stages. In case of objections records of the organizers will be taken as a basis. Arrival times to each check points will also be recorded.
  • The race director is responsible of the race course and management during the race. The map of the race course will be delivered to competitors before the race. The race course is can be changed by the race director due to weather conditions or other reasons. Check point and main camp locations can again be changed by the race director. Race director briefs the competitors about the daily course each night
  • Competitors can commit their precious belongings and other belongings to staff before the race. These will be refunded at the end of the race. The responsibility of the equipment that will be carried in the backpacks during the race belongs to the competitor.


Following situations will be resulted in disqualification


  • Not passing by the checkpoints
  • Littering in the racecourse (except the checkpoints)
  • Shortcuts
  • Not carrying the bib number and the chip system properly
  • Refusing the health check or mandatory equipment check by the organizer
  • Not carrying the mandatory equipment during the race.

All registered runners are deemed to have accepted all of the race rules.