5 km, 51 m+

In Ölüdeniz, which is known as the land of light and sun of the Lycians and as a distant land in the Middle Ages, you will run in the company of turquoise waters, parachutes descending from Babadağ, and the warm breeze of the Mediterranean. You will pass through the golden sands of Ölüdeniz, one of the wonders of the world, which offers you many beauties at the same time, and throw yourself into the cool waters of the Mediterranean. At the end of this race, not only your body but also your soul will be rewarded.

Etkinliği Görüntüle


14 km, 656 m+

Do not forget about the race by diving into the streets full of history, mysterious ruins and magnificent scenery of Kayakoy. While you leave your footprints on the Lycian road, where countless people have walked for thousands of years, the unique Lagoon view waiting for you at the end of the road will engrave the memory of this moment in your memory.

Etkinliği Görüntüle


15 km, 1950 m+

Imagine such a race that when you finish, you will rest yourself in the clear waters of Ölüdeniz. It will add experience to your experience with challenging climbs, rope safe transitions and rocky floors. While swimming in turquoise waters, “it was worth it…” you will say.

Etkinliği Görüntüle


24 km, 2416 m+

Runners who hear the name Downhill get a little nervous, but this downhill is different. The slope here will take you to Ölüdeniz without forcing. You will be having one of your firsts with this track, which stretches from the summit of Babadağ to Ölüdeniz. Completing the first downhill track in Turkey... And firsts are never forgotten..

Etkinliği Görüntüle


60 km, 3591 m+

Those who like the challenge, those who are not content with less, those who are self-confident or those who say all or nothing, those who want the toughest…. It is the time to register for this run which includes the other four tracks . After the race while evaluating the race, you will have many things to tell, many sights to describe and many moments to share. If you stay in the dark? Don't worry, you must see Ölüdeniz wearing a turquoise dress during the day with an evening dress which dazzles your eyes with its sparkle…

Etkinliği Görüntüle

About The Marathon

Running enthusiasts, are you ready for an unforgettable race?

Babadağ Ultra Marathon takes place in Ölüdeniz, one of the most beautiful places in the world. This exciting event offers an unforgettable excitement to running enthusiasts in the company of the magnificent beauties of nature. There are five different tracks in the marathon, each offering a unique experience.

5K Ölüdeniz Run Track: This track, which is run on the Belcekız coast, accompanied by the turquoise sea, appeals to both experienced runners and beginners with its short distance. You will enjoy the fascinating view of Ölüdeniz while running on the beach.

14K Kayaköy History Run Track: This track takes you to the historical beauties of Kayaköy and offers the opportunity to run on the Ölüdeniz-Kayaköy stage of the thousands of year old Lycian road. You will find yourself in the mysterious world of the past while running among the historical and natural beauties of Kayaköy.

14K Skyrunning Dragon Run Track: This challenging track is a stage that includes climbs up to 1950 meters above sea level. The magnificent beauty of Ölüdeniz will always accompany you on this challenging track. While pushing your limits with Skyrunning Dragon Run, you will feel the fascinating atmosphere of nature in your veins.

24K Ölüdeniz Downhill Track: This track, which runs from 1950 meters to sea level, is a first in Turkey. The track, which does not have harsh slopes, consists of runnable dirt roads and paths. While running on this exciting track, you will make an incredible journey from the lap of nature to Ölüdeniz.

60K Babadağ Ultra Track: This track has been prepared for those who want to combine the other four tracks and run them all together. Babadağ Ultra, a challenging track, offers a real challenge. On this track, which requires good preparation and endurance, you will push your limits and have an unforgettable experience.

You can run two days in a row on the Kayaköy History Run, Skyrunning Dragon Run and Babadağ Ultra stages, which will start on October 28, and Ölüdeniz Run and Ölüdeniz Downhill, which will be run on October 29.

You can find the registration options for the tracks HERE.